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76 candidates contesting district council reserved seats

TAXILA: As many as 76 aspiring candidates are contesting the second phase of the local government elections for reserved seats in the municipal committees and district council.

There are 15 seats for women, four for religious minorities, three for peasants and one each for a youth member and a technocrat in the district council.

Three aspiring candidates, Zafran Chand, Changaiz Dilawar and Kanwal Nayan, belong to the influential Maj Tahir group and are running unopposed for religious minorities’ reserved seats.

There are six municipal committees within the district including Hazro, Hassanabdal, Fatehjang and Pindigheb.

There are 76 candidates running for district council seats so far. For the women’s seats, the candidates include Noor Jehan from Pindigheb tehsil, Resham Jan from Jand tehsil, Afsheen Akhter from Jand tehsil, Khatoon Bibi from Jand tehsil, Fouzia Bibi from Hazro tehsil, Nushat Sultan from Fatehjang tehsil, Eman Waseem from Fatehjang tehsil, Sabeeha Nazli from Hassanabdal tehsil, Noor Bibi from Pindigheb tehsil, Nazeer Bibi from Jand tehsil, Aneela Kalsoom from Fatehjang tehsil and Munawar Sultan from Fatehjang tehsil.

The candidates for the technocrat seat include Mohammad Aslam from Pindigheb tehsil, Malik Sajjad Ahmed Khan from Jand tehsil and Hassan Akhter from Attock tehsil. The contestants for the youth seat include Zeeshan Malik from Fatehjang tehsil and Bilawal Saleem from Attock tehsil.

Hameed Akbar from Attock tehsil, Roman Shoukat from the Hassanabdal tehsil, Nusrat Mehmood from the Fatehjang tehsil, Ansar Mehmood from the Fatehjang tehsil and Rub Nawaz from the Fatehjang tehsil are contesting the peasant seats.

A total 363 candidates are running in the 71 union councils in Attock district. There are 71 reserved seats for peasant members for which 110 candidates are running, 71 seats for youth members with 94 candidates, 71 seats for religious minorities with 16 candidatesand 71 seats for women for which 173 candidates are running.

According to the schedule, elections for specified seats in the district council, municipal corporation and metropolitan corporation will be held on Nov 9, while elections for specified seats in the municipal committees will be held on Nov 10.

The inspection of nomination papers was scheduled for Oct 17 and 18, and elections for specified seats in the union council will be held on Nov 12.

By clinching three seats unopposed, the Maj Tahir group has an edge over its local political rival, the PML-N.

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