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India’s desire of seeing Pakistan in 10 pieces a pipe dream: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Terming India’s desire to see Pakistan fragmented a crazy dream, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan observed on Tuesday that it was the policy of the BJP government, and not Pakistan, that was dividing India along communal lines.

“In the presence of the BJP government, no country needs to make efforts to divide India on the basis of religion,” Mr Nisar said in a statement issued in response to his Indian counterpart Rajnath’s remarks warning that Pakistan would soon be in 10 pieces if it did not stop cross-border terrorism.

Mr Nisar, who is known for his blunt style, reacted amidst the foreign ministry’s mysterious silence over the Indian minster’s remarks.

He wondered how a political party that upheld religious intolerance, hatred and violence in its manifesto had the gall to hurl accusations at Pakistan. He said the BJP government’s pipe dream of breaking up Pakistan in 10 pieces would never come true.

Castigating India for destruction in held Kashmir, he said state oppression was part of the Indian government’s policy. “Those chanting slogans of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood should take a look at their past and present and see how the state machinery was being used [against] Kashmiris and how the rights of Muslims, Hindus and other minorities were being trampled.”

He said that besides flagrant violations of human rights in held Kashmir, the government in India had set up a wall of hatred between different religious communities in the country to achieve its ulterior motives.

The minister said state-sponsored acts of violence, crackdowns on political opponents, blackening of the faces of people and the genocide of minorities were some of the gifts the Indian government had given to its people. He said these policies were frightening, not only for Muslims, but for all religious minorities in the country.

He said the onus of promoting terrorism was on those countries where human rights violations, state oppression and religious hatred were a part of state policy.

He advised India to avoid criticising Pakistan and concentrate, instead, on its own non-state actors which kept provocation, religious prejudice and genocide of minorities as their agenda.

Regarding India’s interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan, Mr Nisar said that India had not only meddled in the affairs of Balochistan and other parts of the country, but it had openly admitted to it. He said the arrest of Kulbhushan Singh Jadhav and other Indian agents was proof of that. He deplored the silence of the international community over India’s provocative posture and open ‘interference’ in Pakistan.

The interior minister said Pakistan was on a quest for peace but India’s hegemony and violent policies were not acceptable. He asked India’s leaders to open their eyes and see that their flawed policies had led to divisions and anarchy in India, while at the same time, uniting the Pakistani nation more than ever before.

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