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Seven Pakistanis killed in attack on cargo ship in Sea of Yemen


KARACHI: At least seven Pakistanis were killed when a cargo ship came under a rocket attack in Sea of Yemen. All the members of crew of the Iranian ship were Pakistani nationals and an officer identified as Kabir is said to have rescued his life by jumping off the vessel as it started sinking after catching fire.

According to details, an unfortunate ship namely “MV JOUYA-8” was hit by a rocket in Sea of Yemen and reportedly destroyed, killing seven Pakistanis. Human rights activist Ansar Burney also issued a statement on his Facebook page claiming that the unfortunate cargo ship “MV JOUYA-8” having flag of Iran was heading towards Gulf from Egypt via Sea of Hodeida Yemen where a strayed or aimed rocket hit the ship which caused destruction of the ship. boarded with 8 Pakistanis including the The statement adds that out of eight Pakistanis aboard the ship, only one survived the accident. Seven others were killed including captain of the Ship Syed Anis-ur-Rehman.

“Ansar Burney Trust International has received information through its sources that an unfortunate ship namely “MV JOUYA-8” has been hit by a rocket in Sea of Yemen and reportedly destroyed. “So far only one Pakistani has managed to survive some how who managed to swim towards an island,” according to the statement. Thousands of people have been killed in an on going conflict in Yemen between two factions claiming to constitute the government.

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