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Let’s all remember ISPR chief Bajwa as the Instagram hero he totally is

Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa bid adieu to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) office on Sunday.

Lt Bajwa served a term of 4 years 7 months, but his legacy isn’t limited to maintaining the image of the Pakistani army — he will also be remembered as the first ISPR chief to tap into the power of Instagram!

Bajwa’s Instagram account, which kicked off a little less than three years ago, is gold! On the social media platform, Bajwa was crafting his own image not only as our sturdy, upright ISPR chief, but also as world-travelling family guy, who’s a favourite of celebs and the general public alike.

Have a look-see:

His Instagram was a semi-shrine of his popularity.

Everyone wanted a selfie with Bajwa!

But this man just wanted to show him who’s boss around Swat.

Still, celebs loved him!

Bajwa had the basics down.

He never resisted a good photo-op.

He knew which was his good side.

And was a pro poser too!

He shared plenty of personal moments like fam-jams ‘cos those score extra points.

Bajwa as the mamma’s boy.

All smiles, with the wifey.

A huge grin for the grandkid, Sophie.

He has a Sunday face (it’s not as bad as ours):

Last but not the least, he mastered the throwback!

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