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Delayed sewerage line project irks masses in Wah Cantt

Rains has added miseries to the scores of residents of Riasantabad locality in Wah Cantonment who are facing great deal of hardship due to lying of sewerage line lying project being carried out at snail pace thanks to apathy of authorities of Cantonment board Wah (CBW).

Residents Riasantabad  told this reporter that the project of sewerage line has initiated by Cantonment board Wah (CBW) authorities facing great deal of inconvenience due to slow work and now rain water which has accumulated in the ditches dig for lying the sewerage lines has made it Herculean task to pass through the streets. While expressing their concern over bad sanitation conditions and choked sewerage lines in their locality and called upon Cantonment board Wah (CBW) to take stock of the situation as collapsed sewerage system has make their lives miserable.

The residents of the locality pronounced they had lodged their censure with Cantonment board Wah (CBW) to initiate much delayed sewerage line project k but they get no response from the authorities concerned. They said that due to recent rainy spell, they are unable to move in and out to their home as dirty stagnant water as well filth and garbage is scattered everywhere in their locality. Kaleem Khan, a resident of the area as the civic body has dig out main streets for lying lines for sewerage system but work has not initiated so the sewerage system has collapsed. He added that despite the use of millions of rupees, blockage of gutters is creating heap of garbage around streets and this is causing putrefaction. He urged that immediate action should be taken to revamp the sewerage system of the area.

Azhar Ali, another resident of the area has said that due to poor sanitation arrangements, streets in the area inundate after every rain casing movement problem for the residents of the area especially school children and senior citizen as many fall in the streets. Rafeeq Kashmiri- another resident of the area has said that civic body has dig out many streets but work has not stated resultantly dig out drains filled with rain water causing several problems of the area.

He said that after every rainy spell the area’s inhabitants are forced to wade through water on foot or on cycles as the drainage system remains largely ineffective.

Rakshanda Bibi- a school teacher of the area told this reporter that many small children has fall and injured while coming to school while passing through mud filled streets. Zara Bibi- a house wife told this reporter that that dirty stagnant water was causing various diseases in the area. They demanded the authorities take notice of the issue.

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